eLOCi App Menu

The image on this page is the entire menu, IF you could see it all at the same time.  In the eLOCi App, you will have to scroll the menu up and down to see all these options.

The menu is on the left side of the app screen in a sliding "drawer".  You can open it in 2 different ways: 

  1. Tap the top left icon (3 horizontal bars, called the "Hamburger" icon)
  2. Swipe from the left side of the screen.

Many menu items are "toggled" on and off, and rather than bloating the menu with grayed-out items that you can't choose, the menu will only contain the items that you CAN choose at that time.  For example, the initial top item is "Auto Rotate", to change to the Auto Rotate mode.  After you tap on it, the screen will rotate in the direction you are moving, and the top item changes to "Face North".  Tap on "Face North", the screen will lock with north always being at the top of the screen, and the top item changes back to "Auto Rotate".  See below for the other "toggled" menu items.

The menu options are divided into groups:

(Top, no group title)

  • Auto Rotate - Automatically rotate the screen in the direction of travel  (Toggles with Face North).
  • Face North - Keep the screen with North at the top (Toggles with Auto Rotate).
  • Add Marker - Add a new Flag Marker, by default, at your current location on the map.  But you can edit it to enter any address or latitude/longitude position.


  • Edit Route - Start editing the route markers. Now you can long press on the map to create waypoints, which are route markers (Toggles with Stop Editing Route).
  • Stop Editing Route - Stop editing the route markers (Toggles with Edit Route).
  • Add Return Route - Create a route back to the route start marker (only shows if there are route markers).
  • Recalculate Route - Have GoogleMaps calculate routes between all your route waypoints (only shows if there are route markers).


  • Reset All - Delete all Trip, Flag and Route markers.
  • Delete Trip Markers - Delete all Trip markers (only shows if there are trip markers AND other marker types).
  • Delete User Markers - Delete all User (Flag) markers (only shows if there are user markers).
  • Delete Route - Delete all Route lines and Route markers (only shows if there are route markers).


  • Share Location - Share your current location (uses system Sharing - you choose which app to use:  Text Message, Email, etc.)  This sends your current location as an address, the latitude/longitude coordinates, and a URL link to GoogleMaps with your location (NOTE:  the text in the message is compatible with Android and iOS devices).
  • Share Map Data - Save a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file of your current map data, to the local eLOCi app storage, your Downloads folder, or your GoogleDrive if you have one configured.  This CSV file can be read by a spreadsheet program.
  • Screenshot - Takes a screenshot of the current screen (map, markers, lines), and saves it in your Photos app storage.  It gives you 5 seconds to adjust the screen or tap on a marker to see the info window with the address and/or distance (This feature was used to take most of the images for this website).


  • Imperial (Feet) - Change the distance and speed units to feet and/or miles (Toggles with Metric).
  • Metric (Meters) - Change the distance and speed units to meters and/or kilometers (Toggles with Imperial).
  • Hide Map - Hide the map and show only the Location detail window (Toggles with Show Map).
  • Show Map - Close the Location detail window and show the map (Toggles with Hide Map).
  • Show Ads - Show the advertising banner at the bottom of the screen (Toggles with Show Ads).
  • Hide Ads - Temporarily hide the advertising banner at the bottom of the screen.  The ads banner will appear again in 10 seconds (Toggles with Hide Ads).

Map Type

  • Normal - Default.  Shows roads, buildings, parks, etc., but not terrain or satellite overlay images.
  • Terrain - Shows topographical maps.
  • Satellite - Shows satellite images overlaid on the map.
  • Hybrid - Shows satellite images with street and city names overlaid on the images.


  • Open - Open an existing CSV file and recreate all markers in it.  (Removes all existing markers first).
  • Save - Save the current map data to a CSV file (can be to local storage or GoogleDrive).
  • Delete - Delete an existing CSV file.

Location Service

  • Start - Start the background Location Service and access to the GPS  (Toggles with Stop).
  • Pause - Pause the Location Service and stop adding Trip Markers to the map (Toggles with Continue).
  • Continue - "Un-Pause" the Location Service and start adding Trip Markers to the map again  (Toggles with Pause).
  • Stop - Stop the background Location Service.  This stops access to the GPS (Toggles with Start).


  • Permissions - Opens the Settings app to the Permissions for eLOCi.
  • Network Settings - Opens the Settings app to the Network Settings.
  • Version - Displays the current version information for eLOCi.