When you tap on the total distance button OR slide from the right side of the screen, the current location detail appears.

If you are not moving, the approximate address will be added to the bottom of the screen.  If you are moving, the address will be blank.

Please see the menu page for instructions on how to switch between imperial (feet/miles) to metric (meters/kilometers).

This is the location detail information provided:

  • Total (Distance) - This the total distance you have moved since you started your trip.  (It's the same as on the main app screen)
  • Distance - The distance from the previous location update.
  • Speed - The GPS recorded current speed.
  • Bearing - The GPS recorded bearing, in degrees (0 to 360), from the previous location.  This is NOT a compass heading.  It is the direction you are moving.
  • Latitude - The GPS latitude (-90 to 90).
  • Longitude - The GPS longitude (-180 to 180).
  • Altitude - The GPS estimated altitude (NOTE:  this is rarely accurate and can be off by as much as 150 feet/50 meters).
  • Accuracy - The GPS reported accuracy (within a radius of 36 feet, for example)
  • Address - The approximate Geolocation reported street address.


NOTE:  If your device does not have internet access, this detail location screen is the ONLY thing that will appear - NO MAP, and the address will be blank.  eLOCi can still use the device's Location Services (GPS) to retrieve GPS location information but it is impossible to access GoogleMaps or request the Geolocation address without internet access.